Julia J.

I did quite a bit of writing on this assignment. What a fabulous exercise. I wrote about each committee member, why or how they’re on my committee, what each situation/person effects in me and what my part is. This exercise made very clear that some topics/situations are fancied and some are real.  I wrote positive affirmations around each. Lastly I wrote about each committee members positive attributes and whether or not they were committee members to continue to associate with or to fire.  (I definitely fired the negative belief!)

Much of it was childhood stuff. Programming from parents, sibling, peers, teachers. By putting this information on ‘earth’s plane’ I was able to see and redirected those negative beliefs. Something I’m sure I’ll need to continually work on.

Another interesting thing is I finished this chapters writing the night before my monthly SAQA meeting. So, when I attended the meeting the next day, I was able to observe my behaviors and feeling as though looking from the outside in. I was simply a watcher. What was really happening? How did I really feel? What was truth and what was simply fear? I hadn’t been attending these meetings because I have often felt ‘less then”, “talked about”, “shunned”… interesting after doing this exercise it no longer mattered and most of it was made up in my head anyway because I wanted to fit in. The quality I seek in the people I am involved with is all that matters.

F.E.A.R. –Forgetting- Everything’s- All- Right.