Michele K.

When I started to think about the committee, the first person who came to my mind is a lady that I appreciate a lot and make works that I admire, they "speak to me".

When I am working on a project, I often wonder if she is going to like it, if she would do it another way etc. To make it short, I am anticipating her appreciation and worried that I don't do "the right thing". 

Fortunately, as we know each other for 5 or 6 years now, a real friendship has develop between us, and little by little, as I feel safer, her presence during my work is starting to fade  away ( but it isn't totally gone yet)

When I work on my desk, I get sometimes a virtual visit of one lady that I know from a craft association where both of us are attending. She is at the same time curious of what I make and often depreciative of it or at least doubtful "Isn't it a bit to clear (or too dark)", "If it was me, I would do this or that", "Are you sure it is going to work?", "You are nor finished yet with this or that ?", well, you get the picture ...

She has no importance for me in the everyday life, but despite of that, her words still penetrate me. Unfortunately, since the first time I met her, the lack of optimism in her voice has reminded me of the way my mother was talking, and I don't know too much how to handle that. We didn't really understand each other. Still, sometimes, in a flash, I think that I will show her what I have done, looking for her to like it. 

It is interesting to write about that subject (I wrote much more than what I am sending), it helps to bring the interferences to better proportions.