Kris L.

I have invited my committee members to be seated around my round table ! There is no leader, no subcommittee, no secretary taking notes (to make sure I dont forget) just a common goal to help me grow in my creativity.

Frankly, I don't want any of my members to leave because they challenge my thinking and behavior. Am I always comfortable with our board meetings?  No, and we could from time to time being of such nobility,  draw swords and have a quick battle of the will, but I rule! :-)

So..... I am thankful for my round table committee members because.......

I'm encouraged, been given respect to my Q space, told she doesnt like art quilts, but can you make me one to hang on my wall please!, challenges my self esteemed even though she doesnt know it, loves to provide unwanted opinions, has become my biggest fan and my solid rock as I find my voice.

I just need a bigger castle!