Maria S.

I think I was born with a committee where the whole world is a member.  It has only been recently that I can see they are not all thinking only of me, and actually couldn't care less about what I do.  My fear has led me to working intensively with the portrait.  It has been a main part of my work since 2013.  My committee has two main members that I will just call him and her.  They have been around a while.  I always need to remind myself that they are the ones with the problem!

Because dealing with my committee has been so ongoing with me, I have figured out a few strategies to keep them at bay.  Drawing a very energetic portrait will help me release my nervousness and put him or her in their place.  I just look at the portrait and see how ridiculous they are.

I realize that I can't change people and the way they think.  Some people will never understand why I need to make art or maybe they will always be jealous of the time I spend doing the thing my soul needs to do.  But when the doubting starts up in the atelier, I bat them down by drawing them.  Here are a few examples, though I hope I don't scare you....