June M.

The Committee... Easy enough to name myself as Chairman. My own thoughts of inadequacy are the biggest impediment to my work. I am fortunate to have many supportive people on my committee. As for the villains, the “painters” came to mind.

When I retired I wanted to join an art group to contribute to the community and find a support group. I joined the local art guild. The people are lovely and most of them are very supportive. There are two women who are painters and dismiss my work solely because of the medium. Fiber art is a “craft”. said with disdain, and is not fine art. One of them keeps telling me she's going to get a paint brush in my hand. The other one is free with her criticism, not constructive.  They have made me feel so inadequate that I do not enter my fiber art work in the exhibits. I contribute in other ways, by doing administrative work that no one else want to do. It’s a nice contribution but keeps me from doing my art.

I have a friend who had many trials in her life. I once asked her how she did it. She said, “No one can take my joy from me”. What wonderful words of wisdom. I know I have let the “painters” take my joy from me.

So, I am taking charge of my thoughts. I made a representation of the “Painters”. I used a big paintbrush and dressed it in my hand-dyed fabric. I gave her eyes to see my work, but no mouth so she doesn't have a voice. I gave her a needle and thread because she is going to love my work so much she is going to take up fiber art herself. I named her Modine Gunch.  (There's a story there but I won't bore you with it.)

Now when I think about the “painters” I can look at Modine Gunch and get a good laugh. I have my joy!