Lesson Two - Pam L.

First one: ick. Didn't have black paper yet. Fiddled with craft foam instead. (I did like the shadows and a teeny bit of dimensionality with the thicker foam, though.). Had heron tracks in my head, a recurring image for me, but this started out too controlled, and ended too controlled.


Second one: got black paper now.  Trying to break some rules. One skinny piece (to the right) broke before gluing down - I said - hmm, I like it better that way.  (Also liking the rectangular vs square end result.)

Third "set": (made 5 variations- this is #1 of 5). 

Freehand cut. Whew. Much easier, more free, more fun, got faster and faster.

(Still haven't glued it down, cuz not sure how many more variations will come of it (!). Feel like I am just getting started - but it is time  for bed!!)

5 of 5: