Helen B.

The committee.  It is very interesting when you have the time to spend pondering who actually is on the committee?

I find myself going back and revisiting times when anxiety has struck me during the making phase, there is nothing like a deadline to really bring out the worst in a committee.

I didn’t really start my art phase until my early fourties and I guess this was when the committee appeared, not so much one person but the people that didn’t really know me or what I did.

My husband and I have a building company and I have always worked in the business doing bookkeeping.  After my sister in law passed away with breast cancer I was needed to help look after her 4 children as well as my 2, I decided life was too short to do bookkeeping when I didn’t really want too.  So my new years resolution was to get some one to do the job I didn’t want to do.

As a result I started doing art as me time which lead onto study and more study and exhibitions etc.  All of which surprised the community we live in (population of 13,000) as well as friends and family.

So my committee is a mix of these people, which sometimes makes me laugh because I don’t really care what people think, its probably more me thinking my work isn’t good enough for the critics.

I seem to spend hours, days, and weeks trying to come up with a WORTHY idea for what ever it is im going to work on, be it for an exhibition or because I can.

I attended a workshop last year with a well known Australian Printmaker who said to me Helen you need to go and PLAY stop worrying and just have fun.  It was great advice but I still find my head doesn’t always agree with just having fun, it wants the completed masterpiece.

I have written a letter to the committee, which I will burn in time.  I find this process so simple and effective and have used it since my early twenties.  It really does get rid of the crap you keep replaying, I seem to be able to write the whole script, play every role but don’t get the Oscar haha. Although I would have to say I can put in a good performance.