Sara N.

I have been thinking about the idea of the committee for some time, trying to identify who is on my committee.  My committee is small but powerful.  There are two people, one a family member and one a friend, both who do the most beautiful work, intricate, exact, very very skilled.  I respect them hugely!    I am also surrounded by the most lovely people, many many people, who are excited and accept what I would like to do.  What is interesting is that it is those two people are so influential in my mind.

My work is not 'skilled', never has been.  But I have always made for others, used what I make and enjoy the time doing so.  I go to my sewing room and can just sit and the world is ok.  It is my haven.

Getting back to the committee, I chair it.  I am an equal partner in crime, if not more so than the others, as I could choose not to listen, or not to be swayed by them.  I have to wonder if I am 'using' them as an excuse for my own poor chairmanship, for my reluctance to just do it.  Regardless of what I may imagine they think about my work, I could just do it and 'wear it', 'use it' with pride.  I could educate and explain, have discussions.   I don't believe either would criticise to my face.  We are friends.  But I have heard them criticise others, and for some reason I am fearful of that.

What really interests me is the quirkiness of the unstructured, the simplicity of simple stitches and what they can represent, the re-fashioning of the already used, the colours.  I love the look of Boro, and Kantha stitching. Am I worried I am trying to look like a person different to how everybody sees me?    This is the problem I have to work through.

I think what I am saying, is that I have no excuse.  I have not tried in the past to pull apart the committee, but have accepted their judgement, so I am as much to blame as they.  But this is where it stops.  I can make a difference.  Life is too short.