Jean D.

Extended square and the rebel

Just deciding to draw the exercise to a close and I come away with the thought that taking time to ‘play’ is not only valuable but critical to the development of anything creative. This is something i do not normally do.

The Rebel.

My first attempt followed the instructions to the letter.The theme needs to be explored before you can start on the variations. I see a parallel here with the need for an artist or maker to gain a knowledge of technique before deviating towards an individual style.

But I objected to the 2 leggy bits which stuck out top and bottom, so turned them inwards for a more coherent shape.

I found a and b correct but unsatisfying and cut spirals into the next square which developed into a 3D object; rules broken although the idea of the expanding square was retained with, for me, a much more satisfying result. But a tendency to approach things without planning worries me in my work.

I decided to have another try, this time playing with the initials OB. As I work I am beginning to get used to using implements to carve out lines, circle and circle swithin circles and am quite pleased with the developing pop art look.

The rebel in me needs to:
stop rushing in
find an attainable starting point
take time to develop ideas
organise materials and equipment for easy access