Susan D.

The Rebellious Expanded Square

Oh My Yes, OVERTHINKING! It is an art form, right? This really is my greatest challenge. To get out of my head. This is where I work — I plan, vision, tweek, execute and complete all in my head. Then when I go to actually “do” the project I forget. The details of the perfect plan are usually missing. On those rare occasions when I am able to access those finer points they don’t quite work the same on real materials as they did in my head. My best work happens when I can still my inner beast “shut her up” get her out of the way and let the process flow.  

I’ve always thought of myself as a rebel and enjoy it but as I read the essay and thought through all of this I realize that yes I am a rebel but only in certain areas of my being. I’ve never had a problem breaking lots of the conventional rules. I’m a child of the 60’s. Living with the consequences of those choices has not always been easy but I’m very comfortable with it. It’s who I am except when it comes to my art. I’m beginning to see that my art is an expression of my very core and at that core I am quite judgmental and hard on myself. I now have a much clearer picture of where I’m blocking myself. 

I had never worked with the expanded square before. It was very intimidating at first but I’m now having fun with it. Part of my challenge is that when I see highly contrasted images I almost always see the negative space first. I have to squint, turn my head and concentrate to get the positive image into focus. What I find odd about this is that once I do see the positive image it becomes very difficult for me to refocus on the negative image. It makes life interesting.

The square I’m sending along is a representation of me. I love crisp clean geometric lines but I also like curves. The flower I used is my “tag”. It’s an image that I started using at a very young age. For people who've know me forever it’s all I need as a signature.