Kerstin E.

Black and White

Paper, almost everything in paper, is something I really love working with. So I really liked this weeks lesson. I had never heard about Notan before and not done one either. But earlier I have made some small attempts with silhouettes. 

This technique with the squares is something different than a silhouette because you also have a sort of mirror effect and it is of importance if your objects are in straight line (90 °) from the edge or in another angel. 

I post two of my efforts. The first one according to the rules and with a motif that shall remind of four-leaf clover. 

The second one should be a rebellion one. Not so much rebellion in the motif but against the rules of a Notan.  I feel it is important to keep the mirror effect, otherwise it is "only" a silhouette. 

I have a lot of different idéas how to develop the Notan, for instance with a coloured background or with "half horses" (only the front part from the edge).