Cleo C.

I confess that I did not approach this week's assignment with the expectation that I would find it very interesting. Perhaps it is more true to say that not having  had much experience with using a craft knife, or indeed with any intricate paper cutting  I was skeptical and fearful that I would not be able to accomplish anything other than a pitiful butchering job.

I had never heard of this design technique so I had to make several trials before managing to produce this, my first 'Expanded Square'. On balance, it was more hard work than fun, but rewarding nevertheless to see the stark, simple beauty  in the final effect. 

Having struggled through the Expanded Square, I approached  the new idea of 'breaking the rules' with  interest and a bit more confidence, but although it should have represented an opportunity for liberation I found that it was difficult to turn my back on the  safety of the rule book.  Strangely enough, when I did get an idea for 'rebellion' I doubted whether it was a good enough one. Rather than using my freedom, I was instead creating a new set of mental constraints and criticisms. Again my design avoids complex cutting, but I do think it makes a strong, clear statement. 

My eventual production represents surgical dissection of the square into four triangles.

It inspired my Haiku:

    Rebellious Reptiles:

lying in the summer sun

    contemplating rules

Probably composing the poetry liberated my mental strictures and  prompted me   to create something dimensional and dynamic with the squares.  I also wanted to use two new colours.  So here is my box . . . which I called'Dynamic Expansion’

I tried to send a short video of my box moving freely but due to the size of the file and other factors beyond my comprehension, my efforts were unsuccessful.