Sue W.

The Rebellious Expanded Square

This is the first time I have done this exercise, so did black and white ones as per the rules – first symmetrical then abstract.  Soon realized that the square could be put at an angle allowing room for long bits of cutout to be place on A4 sheet of white paper.(size of sketchbook)

Then thought about breaking the rules – What would happen if…….

a,  I used coloured paper

b,  I did mark making with soft pastels on paper

c,  turned paper over to cut random shapes so couldn’t see mark making – including cutting corners

Well this I did - problem – if I want to see all the marks I made on finished pieces I couldn’t mirror the image, so then turned them through 180 degrees – (see purple notan – if I can call this a notan as it is no longer a mirror image) 

So learnt a lot and I couldn’t have predicted what would happen 

But had lots of fun getting my brain thinking about being rebellious and breaking the rules…….