Sarah D.

Rebel squares

At first read through I didn't think I would get much out of doing this exercise. Wasn't sure of the point. I also started to worry about what others would think of my handy work. So I almost didn't bother. I slept on it, did some writing after reading the essay and started to feel differently. 

Writing got me thinking about my rebel side. I am a rebel at heart, always had my own rules, dressed how I liked, spoke my mind, strong sense of my style and what I like and dislike. I had always pushed the boundaries with my art and design work which brought me a lot of success at college and for a few years after. Then through a few bad experiences in work I lost confidence. I had to quit my design business and start over. Big learning curve and it took the wind out of my sails. My rebellious, creative spirit had taken a huge knocking. The creative, rebellious Sarah hasn't been the same since. I want to find her again. 


I sat down on Saturday afternoon, a peaceful house whilst my husband was still at work. I put on some of my favourite tunes and got cracking. I got my squares ready, couldn't find a knife so used scissors. My immediate response was to start cutting as near to the corners and middle as possible. Rebel coming out? Rebel also saying to me, sod what everyone else thinks. This is about you, do you want this or not. Do it! I started cutting very randomly. Didn't like doing the symmetrical ones. Far too rigid. Remembered how when I am on a flow with ideas I am so eager to get them out, I get impatient and clumsy. This is what was happening. Scissors almost falling out of my hand. Ideas started to flow quickly. I quickly moved onto the rule breaker ones. The realised shapes that I was cutting looked like mountains and hills. They reminded me of some of the shapes of the hills and mountains in the paintings I had done in recent years and some of the landscapes I had seen in China. Natural step start creating landscapes with the shapes. I have done a few of these now. Landscapes have always been inspiring to me both natural and urban. Maybe this is something I need to develop further. Could start using my photos, memories of places I have visited. What next? 

So glad I did the exercise! 

Here is one of my landscapes.