Maureen M.


I am not sure how to go about this week’s assignment, I have never been much of a “rebel”.

I was raised to always think of the other person first. Being the second oldest and oldest girl of a family of eight, I always had plenty of “must dos” – help Mum when a new baby arrived, do laundry, fix meals, watch the little kids. Even as a teenager I didn’t rebel, it is a little hard to get into trouble when you live 17 miles out of town and your father won’t let you have the family car.

My first big rebellion was to leave Australia to live permanently in the U.S., my mother was not happy, 48years ago the world was much larger than it is now. Raising my own family “rules” kept me sane, making sure things were done on time etc. Living in our house while it was being remodeled much of the work we did ourselves, 4 kids and running our business out of the house I had to be organized.

Now that I am retired I am trying to be more flexible. I admit to making the bed every morning and cleaning up the kitchen after every meal. Some things I have decided that are a waste of time are dusting and vacuuming, carry out meals are also good. One time waster which will be hard for me to change is I like to read fiction, I watch very little TV, but do enjoy a good book. One of my goals for this 10 week course is to read less novels and more art and poetry books.

For “Art Rules” when I first started quilting I had perfect 1/4inch seams, I had 3 fabrics, light, medium and dark, I followed other peoples patterns. After making a queen-sized double wedding ring quilt for my daughter 6 years ago I decided I had had enough of the “Quilt Police”. Now I enjoy designing my own art quilts, no perfect corners, I don’t always bind the edges, I paint, burn, stamp, dye, hand stitch or whatever I feel like.

I have never done the expanding square before and found it a challenge. I tried measuring and cutting straight lines but did not enjoy the process. When I drew free form I liked it better. Sharp angles put my teeth on edge, I like free flowing shapes.

Thinking about being a rebel this week has made me aware of how I spend my time. At times the guilt feelings about not going into the studio were very strong, although it did not take much effort to decide not to wash windows and go create instead.