Kay W.

I have thought about this alot and deleted my first draft in response to this weeks challenge.

I know alot of rules, I have an MFA in patternmaking, design etc.  Technical Theater is a Jill of all trades job.  I have learned alot about rules from school and work.

BUT, I know rules only to break them.  It's the nature of my job.  It carries over into my art life.   I think you should have some idea of rules in order to make something better.  It's not about schooling or degrees.

For instance, what comes to mind is abstract art.  There is alot of bad abstract art.  Alot of people whose work doesn't speak.  Abstract art should move a person, sing, have an emotional point, create a moment for the view, or be a party for your eyes.  Most that I see are what I call dead art.  I keep these opinions to myself.  But I won't buy a piece unless it has a conversation with me.

I know the drill about - well everyone is an artist, and all art is good because it is done.  Well no, not everyone is an artist and not all things in public are good.  

So, how does one achieve this?  Beats me, I just know it when I feel it and I keep pushing the work until it does one of the above.  Hence, I don't do alot anymore because it is so time consuming.  I was taught you push a piece until it speaks.  You will know when it is ready.

I think, I feel tired from this process.  The kind of tired that 8 hours of sleep doesn't bring restoration to.  My day job is constantly judged by the designer, the director, the process.  I know the day job and excel at this. 

But when it comes to me standing alone, my feet get cold.  There is no guidance coming from anyone but me.  While I can do this in production, it's the elephant in the room when I am alone with the pencils and brushes.

I have many thoughts but decided this class is only aboutme.  And, the changes that I want to make.  Only then can my process be apart of the bigger realm.  I do journal, think and write so this is not new.  What is new is it's only about me.

So, any thoughts on how to change this?  It only happens with paints, pencils but not with cloth.  Unless it's painting cloth.