Jill W.

I like a good exercise and had to read the rules a few times to get the hang of what I had to do. And then I worried about what everyone else was going to do and told myself not to look at the open studio or I might be influenced. A little too much rumination took place before I made a start…. once I was in the zone things improved.

I actually enjoyed using the rules to help me focus and narrow the field of creative expression. Strangely, having been free to explore creatively for so long I loved the rules! But knowing I had to break the rules for this task I felt like being rebellious and not breaking the rules! This must be true resistance!

Anyway 5 in and I was feeling the need to make a break out of the square..hoorah! It’s stayed with me during the week while I was in my printmaking class….I just jumped in and broke a few rules with my approach to etching and felt the better for it.