Ginni F.

I often take a rebel stance - usually never taking no for an answer. Reminding myself of Marianne Williamson's quote - "....We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you NOT to be? Your playing small doesn't serve the world.... etc." , I often have to ask myself, WHO AM I NOT TO BE!!?? and then I take my stance and keeping on moving on.  I find that I don't follow instructions well, whether that is because I have a learning disability or that I am working in a different language than my native language, I just think and do differently. It often works to my advantage. I create differently. I put different ideas together and create something new. It's just who I am sometimes. Other times, I try to be a good girl, follow the rules and do what is expected....but that get's tiresome and it can also be boring. 

As for my cut-out experiments - I started by not following the rules - see, it was just because I don't read the instructions more than once and just begin by doing what  I remember. 

After cutting the first abstract free-form swirl, I cut the opposite side in buildings. I saw that it could be read as a story; a city with clouds above. I then was thinking about stencil cutting and street art. I thought of the RAT  (French Artist Blek le Rat) and again free-form cut an animal (perhaps a fox). On the opposite side I cut trees. Oh my, it could be another story. But then the rebel arrived and I wanted to only cut one side and use most of the square. I cut a vase of flowers. Now, I need to spend more time with the technique to move beyond my comfort zone, to push the boundaries but I thought I'd share the first ideas that arose for me and how. 

I will be doing and writing to move myself further.