Fiona C.

Rebellious Square

I have loved doing this exercise, my only regret is having had only the last day of the week to do it.

Am I a rebel, no. British through and through and brought up to play by the rules always! The fact that I have had only today to work on the exercise has made me work without thinking, without judgement and accepting imperfection. 

The fact that all the curves are not beautiful and precise IS an act of rebellion.

Have I broken all the rules? I have to confess to forgetting them and working with the shapes in front of me and letting them dictate how to proceed. The rebellion lies in the unconsciousness not the deliberate decision to follow or break them.

The rules are an excellent starting point but I did not focus on them but went with the creative flow. There is so much more to explore here I have only just begun and will return to this again and again.