Deb S.

Uncovering the Rebel

One of the problems I have with the need to “follow the rules” comes from groups who deem them very important.  First it was quilting “judges”, latter “art principle” purists.  I work at just following my own gut, but then the need for acceptance rears it’s ugly head in, and I ask what others think.  It is easy to be swayed by the reactions of others, to try to please them, rather than do the hard work of following my uncharted internal paths.

I was reading part of book,The Gift from your reading list this week and I was struck by the differentiation between “work” and “labor”.  When I was doing this week’s exercise it was “labor”.  I was completely free and floating.  When I’m doing the hours of quilting needed to finish a piece, it is “work”.

My reaction to most of the expanded square pieces I made was enjoyment.  I had a hard time picking my favorite.  

I selected the one, which looks rather whimsical as my favorite, very different from my normal style.  My least favorite was very unsettled or unbalanced, I had to re-due that one.  It was still asymmetrical, but I could live with it.