Cheryl C.

I found this exercise a great experience ... especially once I decided to stretch the rules.  My first efforts were very focused just around the edges...tentative and mouse-like, nibbling along the sides.  But once I gained a feel for the process, I just can't help myself as I like to expand beyond the instructions so the attached image is my favourite of those stretched pieces ...mmm my rebel self maybe :).  

I love the way I have kept the centre whole but just shifted it into the bottom area, and how there is an explosion coming out of the exploded area - even if it is only small.  This piece has a lot of movement in it for me.  This is kind of interesting as I normally like to work with curves rather than straight lines.  But my curved efforts didn't have nearly the same impact as this one does.  In fact, I would be happy to use more of this in my felt making.

It does tell a story even if I couldn't easily verbalise it but it was certainly a 'let's just do it and see what happens and how far can I take it' sort of effort.  

I feel that it has influenced me in some of my other creative efforts this week as I have tried several unthought methods of felting that don't necessarily fit the great and surprising success I might add.  I am about to go off and do more just for fun as a promise to myself for being very disciplined in writing this response to Week Two first!