Lesson Two - Laurie M.

I was raised by two rebel parents.  I spent most of my teenage years and early adulthood trying to “fit in”, not stand out in any way.  I just didn’t have the “heart” or perhaps courage to get in touch with my inner rebel.  When I decided in my early thirties to become a fiber artist, a self supporting one at that, my rebel appeared along with my less courageous shadow side.  I’ve always been influenced by other artists around me and what might sell for income. I do tend to fall into a habit of comparing my ideas/work to others. I realized, in thinking about the necessity of my rebel side, that I will talk kindly but firmly with my coward shadow.  I will tell her to be quiet(shut up enough!). My inner rebel is what keeps me “healthy” as an artist, keeps me creatively engaged with the world around me and with myself.

I began the Notan exercise by looking out the window at the skeletons of cottonwood, apple, and elm trees. I followed the directions for the 5” square exercise.  Then I completed the winter scene with local rock art figures beneath the trees.  Lastly, I had fun with cutting shapes out of different size circles.........I just bought more black paper and an larger drawing tablet because I want to do many more circles in black and white.

As for breaking rules, I do it all the time anywhere outside my studio!  My longarm quilting machine is in my art studio.  I realize that I battle with “getting my chores done” ( machine quilting others’ tops) before I’ll allow myself to play/ experiment/create on my own art work.  Swords and words flyin’ on my head.  I wander around from one project to the next, restless, unsettled, and in battle with myself, often getting nothing accomplished.