Lesson Two - Jaslynn P.

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The big rebel within myself is a comfortable and familiar place.  It took a very long time to become allies with one another.  I used to be a rebel without a cause and that is just a nasty lonely place to be in. Now I can say Iam a rebel with a cause and a good one to add. It's always been in my nature to challenge and question everything. That style of rebel is easy for me. However, I find it a lot harder to be a smaller rebel that rises up against the dishwasher or the laundry ect. I like things neat and clean. I always say that everything has a place so to leave something undone for the pleasure of creativity is much harder for me. I'm slowly learning that sometimes for the sake of my sanity it'll be ok to take a little time away from my adult mundane state in life and find the pleasure of creating and expressing is just as important. I'm learning to balance both thanks to my little rebel within!