Lesson Two - Kara B.

This lesson was just what I was needing. I have mostly been a “by the books” kind of person, with moments now and then of rebelling. When I decided to get serious with my quilting/fiber art interest, I stopped watching TV in the evenings during the week. At first, it was partly because my husband was working nights, but when his schedule changed, we fell back into the TV pattern. We mutually decided that we both had our hobbies that we wanted to spend time on, and now we both get that time. I’m needing to rebel more and more all the time in my job and art. 

I have never had much of any formal art training and really enjoyed this activity. I realized that I hadn’t gotten any nice black paper, but had black construction paper so I went with that. I had the added bonus of a snow day today and I played. The first two were squares. I love geometric designs but also love nature so I tried one of each. Then, I let the rebel out and thought I’d try out triangles instead of squares. I’ve been in a triangle mood lately and really like how they turned out. I’d like to move into using this with fabric and color in the future. I came up with a few more design ideas to add to the list of things I’d like to make one day.