Lesson Two - Trisha S.

Having read the assignment I realised I could spend a lot of time analysing and because this is a pattern for me I decided not to do that.

Although I usually want to follow the rules and do my tasks the rebel in me didn't want to do the paper exercise.   So I wrote a couple of morning pages – where I write over my own writing so that I obscure what I have written and use it as an exercise in flow.  From that I went straight into cutting and making via collage.   What has emerged at the end of one working day was a series of stencils which will form the basis of a composition plus elements from the collage composition.

I work better when I am spontaneous when I move instinctively from process to process without analysis during the activities.   I know this but need always to be reminded of this and get past the starting moment.  The daily flow pages help.

Today I woke up sick and did not go to the studio.