Lesson Two - Nancy N.

I thought about this exercise quite awhile before starting to work. It reminds me of the way a friend described designing a quilt by creating a pattern of shapes.

I was determined to put the finished square-work on a standard letter-size page so I could easily scan it. Then I realized that I could manipulate the scans and that was FUN. Poor Matisse. He had to cut and cut and cut. I could duplicate, combine, and flip etc.

Analyzing the processes by which I work has been helpful. I think for a long time. Then I sketch…and pause, always overnight or longer.  Then I cut, arrange, glue, scan, and arrange the scans.

I did this each day for three days. Each day I tried to do something different, something that built on what I had done before. I was very aware of the importance of negative space. I never work in black and white, so this exercise offered an easier place to identify the negative.

All the time I was thinking about the stone sculptor who says the figure is in the stone; she just has to find it by taking away the excess stone around it. 

Picking up on Jane’s audio message on Feb 1 — On the first day I cut paper, I would have rather been doing almost anything (well, not windows…). By the third day, I was looking forward to playing with the scans, but the cutting still wasn’t fun.