Lesson Two - Lori T.

Thanks so much for your "extra" post yesterday, tailor-made for me!  And seeing others' comments on the new FB page has been helpful, too.

I was really struggling with Week 2 - And while I don't want to start out making excuses, I also want to be honest with myself (and kind to myself) by acknowledging what's going on.  I mentioned in my little bio that I had broken my leg, and I really had expected to be farther along in my recovery when this course started.  But I'm having a bit of a struggle - not able to stand for too long and not able to sit for too long, either, pain pills, lots of discomfort.

My thought in taking the course was to find out if I really can buckle down to some more sustained and dedicated work.  It's been a lifelong dream, and I've had some really productive periods, but for whatever the reasons, it's only been sporadic.

I've always got stuff on the burner, but just working at it in dribs and drabs, and yet I have this overwhelming flow of inspiration and ideas that begs (demands) to be expressed.  And enough materials to open a craft store!

As I was making the first expanded square there was such a tape running in my mind - "this is boring", "I hate working in black and white", "if I'm spending time cutting and pasting I'd much rather be doing one of my collages", "neutrals are not my thing", blah, blah, blah.  I made me smile a few times, too notice how resistant I was, and yet, I kept feeling like, "Oh, Lord, I'm going to get an F in "Expanded Square".  After your message yesterday I thought that if my Rebel was really working, I would have just gotten to work on one of my projects, but I also want to "do the course right", and I'm wanting to be open to what I can learn from just doing the lessons you've put together.

Now, I've fallen behind, and may or may not have anything to post this week.  But I feel that I want to pull myself together and keep on as best I can.  I was encouraged by the FB posts of others who were saying "I want to take the course again."  That might be me, too. But I will keep on, and I want you to know how much I appreciate all that you're sharing from your experience, and I love your thoughtful presentations and encouragements.

And in the run-up to the start of the course, I have been working more - nearly finished with a quilt that's been in the works for 2 years, and am taking a look at other projects, and I can feel the stirrings.