Lesson Two - Leslie B.

Well, my inner rebel is extremely quiet - has been beaten into submission for a very long time! Inner critic is very much alive and thriving!!

I can barely start to think about the assignment when up pops the procrastinator .... it has been a very busy week so procrastinator had less time than usual to stall us out. Just had to get on with it.

Although i had done this exercise before ... ignoring the rules was not 'allowed' at that time!  This was quite liberating!  i started with the 'flowers' cut into the sides - ho-hum very boring.  My second one had me trying to measure my cuts with a rule (yes, I know!) ... abandoned that idea but decided that if i only notched in, i would get a mirror image but with a border to anchor the bits on.   Too clever by half especially when i realize that one sides has been glued on backwards and some of the sections did get chopped off - oh well :) It did end up being very blocky with that big black centre - even more obvious than the first version.

The third attempt is perhaps my favourite!  All those arrows, such fun. if you look closely you will see that i did use a white crayon to sketch in the arrows just to ensure some variety and ensure that I cut into the middle a few times. Yes!  I did try to hide my tracks by erasing what I could. The last version is the most interesting as it is full of motion - the positive and negative are better balanced. 

I must confess that I try not to look at the postings until I have submitted mine ...if I do peak first I inevitably think that mine is wrong, not as good, not enough work, etc. etc .... So i try very hard not to peak.  I know in my heart and my head that this is not a contest (and believe it or not I am not a competitive person - in fact i avoid it!) ... but the minute I see someone else's interpretation, work , etc. my heart does a little dip. 

I paid attention to the suggestion of performing an inventory of the set of rules 'dys-functioning' in my life.  I have become quite a time waster and not sure when it started or why .... hmmm. Additionally, i do use some activities as excuses for not making art - I am my own worst enemy!!! Lots to consider.

Yes indeed "hell is real" :D