Lesson Two - Jane P.

Expanded Square Exercise

Learn the rules then break them.

This exercise seems to be about the above statement.

Previously I have done this and similar exercises but by repeating them I have learnt that if your practice is put aside, for whatever reason,

confidence to break the rules is lost. This is certainly the case with me despite the statement being one of the strengths of my previous practice.

Breaking the rules, I find, often leads to creating an original style to your practice and can lead to some very pleasant surprises.

Below are examples of my first experiments with this exercise:

Development of the exercise can go in many directions, for example:

  • explode the square
  • implode the square
  • twist the shapes
  • tile the squares 

         - tile and turn the squares at 45, and 90 degrees to each other

         -tile and layer the squares

  • stretch the squares from 1,2,3 or 4 corners
  • stretch the squares from a mid axis point
  • take the positive and negative spaces and use part or all of the patterns achieved.
  • pull the square up from a central point
  • shape the square around an object
  • raise the cut out pieces into several layers
  • create a 3-D cuboid effect
  • frame the square into another square or another shape
  • use fabric, nets, plastics, tissue etc to overlay
  • cut the shapes created from a mix of materials to create a mix media effect

This exercise has woken the rebel in me and started my creative ideas to flow.

Just what I needed:) .