Tjitske W.

I start my work this week by cutting up some half finished piece which has been on my wall for quite a while, waiting for anything to hit me into moving forward with it. When I've cut it up and turned three bits of it into some kind of blobs and put those onto a small square of linen I'm hit with a total blank. I just take the blobs off again and throw the little square into a dye bath I have just used for something different. It turns out exactly the right colour. Still, I now have three blobs on a nicely coloured piece of linen and I'm left with a total blank.

I have had my share of blockages but this is extreme!

I decide to start organising my studio, and come across a painted sheet of lutradur that immediately shouts out to be used. So, limiting myself more or less to the same colour and to hand stitching I struggled this week to at least get this little square (15x15 cm or thereabouts) done.

The easy part was writing my haiku:

three blobs on fabric

why do I torture myself

the grit and the pearl?