Janet C.

I decided this exercise was a great opportunity to cut up a piece that, although finished, exhibited and featured in a Quilters Guild book, I have come to thoroughly dislike.

It’s the texture that offends me. The burnt organza is stiff and extremely scratchy, making the little quilt unpleasant to handle.

My inspiration for this piece was Perkins’ discovery of mauveine, and my challenge was to work in a colour that I am not drawn to. I also unearthed an unfinished piece that was not ‘working’, but the hand dyed green backing and quilting were interesting.

I cut the mauve quilt with a rotary cutter and used the green for contrast. Several arrangements followed, none of which appealed. The more I worked, the more the scratchy mauve annoyed me. I gradually threw out more and more, ending with an A4 size piece that I still do not like.


I must not burn back that particular organza in future. The scratchy finish was not what I had planned.

The mauve quilt was too busy, to the point of distraction.

I also lost some of the contrast and important lines.

I must keep things simpler in future. I am happy that my original paper design was interesting, but I added too much detail as I sewed. There was no place to rest the eye.

The rotary cutter freed me to make bold, simple cuts, but I was not happy with the negative spaces. Maybe a more geometric approach would have worked better, but all I have now is a pile of small scraps!

And several important lessons.