Christy G.

I got a jumpstart on this a month ago when I cleaned my studio from top to bottom.  In the process I donated 4 large bags of fabrics that I wasn’t ever going to use, threw out 2 large bags of scraps that were too small to work with or give away, reorganized bins of fabric and touched everything to make sure that it was something that I still needed. Everything got cleaned and prepped for a new mess in creating.  It was incredibly freeing to get rid of so much that was not part of anything that I wanted moving forward.

I spent this week doing some of the free association exercises.  The reading about working with content first resonated with me that I found myself writing down some of the passages in my book to reference later.  I think very much about ideas and thoughts that mean something to me, but stumble in how to articulate the ideas visually (usually they are stuck bouncing in my brain).  So then I go back to the easy and the tried and true imagery rather than pushing myself to explore, fail, and start again to make something that has real meaning. 

The phrase that I need to hang up on the wall is “working with content first is freeing”.  It does not have to be the hard road block if I really spend the time to work through what the ideas are, what they mean, what my response is.  A chunk of my thinking was how to take what I see, experience, learn and meditate on when I am paddle boarding on the lake into my studio.  The time that I spend on the lake is so enriching to my life (and desperately missed in the dead of winter), that I want to explore it off the water.  Bad sketches - or really just unpracticed sketching skills - will be part of the process to get the emotion out of my heart and into the world.