Beverly S.

Well yet again I've gone through this weeks essay wondering if it was individually written for me. I haven't got much progress to visually show as I have an exhibition deadline this week so I've not got a huge amount of time. But yes, I am the person who has been believing if only I had a few more trims, a nice small print, some extra sheers, more threads bla bla bla whilst not being able to actually find my work table under the hoarding. And yes,  I am also the person whose head is stuffed full of piles of jumbled thinking that I mentally trip and stumble my  way through my making. 

So first off, I have earmarked 4 days off work next month - quite some commitment for me as being self employed in the textile world obviously means no earnings. I am going to empty my work space and storage area and do a big cull and tidy. Surplus supplies can go to the local textile school.

Secondly, I shall earmark some of the downtime to start protecting my mind by bringing in some work rules to help me. One of which is how to handle social media, I think it joins my committee as a bad member, I'm thinking of banning it on work days. No more buying books on textile techniques , I need to start strengthening what I have already learnt. Clearing some work time to write and go back to using a sketchbook to capture my thought moments. I need some 'Being Still' time. Setting some limits to the amount of equipment and supplies I already have. For example my machine came with a BSR foot, I've no idea why I would use it and a walking foot, never used. I should at least see whether these could be of any use in my work.