Lynne P.

I found lesson 3 so to the point for me – spot on.  Lesson 4 is more or less the opposite.  I clean my studio every week, and have a clear out every few months – I just had one before the start of this course, so I don’t have anything to clear out.  I do the same with my home in general and with my wardrobe.  I don’t hang on to ‘stuff’ unless it has a purpose.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not fanatically tidy or anything, I lost two books last month!

I have also got passed buying stuff for buying’s sake which is what I used to do years ago when I went to textile shows.  I just find all the ‘new’ stuff is just the old stuff re-hashed, in different wrappers.  I am so very happy to say that ‘stuff’ isn’t that important or precious.

I used to spend hours looking for the right ‘stuff’ the perfect brush, or paint, or cloth or sewing machine– but of course there isn’t any such thing.  You can have the cheapest tat and make magic – look at Robert Rauschenberg – he made the most amazing art with stuff that other people had thrown in the garbage.

As to part two of working with limitations – I love doing this, restricting choices to two colours, or maybe texture, or painting without brushes.  It makes it so much more exciting.  I have a set of cards with variousd parameters on, and also suggestions for new experiments.

The problem I have, or had (I hope) was getting started.  Since dismantling the committee last week I have worked every day and loved it.  So thank you Jane for that exercise, and long may it continue.

What I’m still not getting, and I’ve been trying for years, even did a group ‘The Artist’s Way’  in the 1990’s, but I can never ‘get’ the journaling thing.  I keep trying though.  I think I’m just a doer rather than a writer.