Kerstin S.


Oh yeah, if there is a sentence I definitely can subscribe to it is "I used to spend waaay too much time driving around buying supplies for projects I was planning."   :)

I think I will make a big sign for my studio door with the two rules you proposed and the first rule should be valid for the whole house: something comes in, something goes out :)

Last December I cleared up my studio and amongst other things I have sorted out almost a third of my fabrics. What a liberating feeling. I think I will have a garden party when the weather will be better with all my textile-, patchwork- and sewing friends and nobody is allowed to leave the event without taking at least five fabrics :)

Yesterday I did a little project with the following limitations:

  • grab three pieces of fabric out of the scrap drawer
  • work in a small scale (that's really hard for me! In the end it turns out to be 4 3/8 inch x 4 1/8 inch)
  • no thinking and brooding just doing
  • time limit: 5-6 hours

I enjoyed it very much and I'm quite content with the outcome :)