Louise B.

The Power of Limitations.

My first haiku :

(5 syllables) My work is all love

(7 syllables) Passion, serendipity

(5 syllables) and continuity

Yesterday I read a couple of hours. I promised myself to reserve at least 10 hours per week. Different books at the same time, on different subjects. I do read in the bus and subway, and at the end of the day before I close my eyes for the night.

Rule #1 Using what is there, available.

Recently my oldest grandson announced I was going in Fashion school and that I wanted to start learning with me. So for his Xmas gift, I offered to bring him at my best fabric store in town, for him to choose a fabric to make a sweater or t-shirt. We finally came out of the store with two piece of fabric, one of them was a part for me and a part for him. He since come Saturdays (not all of them) and starts to learn. He is progressing at a very good speed. He has ideas and dreams. Why I bring this in this writing is because when we decided to sell our house and come/live in a condo, I threw away boxes of samples I had made at a fashion school (my first school that got time involved in textile). Those samples were about hand sewing high couture; there were different kinds of necks, pockets, button holes and more - exercices of beautiful and different fabrics. Those boxes also contained books about pattern making, sewing, etc. They are all gone. I NEVER THOUGHT SOMEONE IN MY FAMILY WOULD GET INTERESTED in fashion and textile. I am sorry about that.

Rule#2 Use what’s here. 

I am preparing for a solo show that will open in August. There will be new Jacquards on the wall, and in the middle of the hall, I will make an installation with two chairs and a « all metal » quilt. This quilt will consist of squares of « metal fabric » I wove some years ago to make wall pieces and sculptures. Just a few were sold and many of them were just rolled and put away. My husband will help cutting and hammering hems around squares. All squares will be attached with tie-wraps. I have different weights of these weavings, some are transparent, some are quite heavy and opaque.

I do believe in the limitations of using what we have in our cupboards, boxes of threads, leftovers of fabric I did like. Often thinking about what I could do with them. 

This installation will be a great artwork, I believe.

When we move to our condo, I did a lot of organizing. I have a specific space for my threads, another for my dye stuff, another for my artworks, and finally space in my studio for all my printing stuff.

I will look carefully and make sure I used the space in the best possible way.