Lesson Two - Lynne P.

I didn’t enjoy this lesson.  Perhaps I was not supposed to ‘enjoy’ it.  I’ve done these squares before, and I just don’t like the fiddlyness of it, and as you can see, I’m not good with glue – it gets everywhere. 

I gave up at one point and went and had a lovely long soak in the bath, just to get the glue from my fingers. I also prepped up some boards for painting, so I guess it did get me to do something.

I started off on No. 1 trying to get the cut out pieces of a similar size.  The second one, I tried to make the cuts flow, like the veins in a leaf.

For the third piece I really tried to get finer lines, thinking about organics – plants, leaves.

No. 4 I am beginning to get bored, this is when I gave up for a while.

No. 5 was trying to de-construct the square and  No. 6 I think I’d had enough.