Mary L.

I am so proud that I finally completed the "dreaded" lesson 2.  I bought the book this summer and jumped right in to lesson 1.  However, lesson two stopped me in my tracks. I probably was over thinking and the perfectionist in me was a bit frighten.  I signed up for the summer camp thinking that would inspire me to complete it.  I completed lesson one but hit the wall at lesson 2 again.  So, one of my reasons for taking this class was to get past lesson two.  Conveniently last week was busy and I was away for a three day weekend due to my first big run race of the season.  ( what a great excuse!! No time!!). I must toot my horn here because there were 4 races and I age placed in two of them and came very close in the others)   Woo woo!  Back to lesson 2..... On Tues, I scheduled time to to work on the expanded squares and ... surprise,  I love creating them!  They are quicker and easier than what I conceptualized in my mind.  I have summited three of them but am working on more and really intrigued with working some in fabric.  

I am really feeling the need to schedule time to work on art because it so easily gets pushed to tomorrow.  I think about my running and that I fanatically never skip a training run because I have a race day goal.  I am pondering how I can set goals with my art quilting. Both activities are important to me but running usually wins because it is set miles and times unlike art that requires experimenting and thinking time. This assignment has given me lots to think about and has brought up questions within myself about why and how my art got pushed to the side.  I know that many of us have to juggle interests and time. On to lesson 3.