Susan S.

Week 2 Musings

I had never done the expanded square exercise.  I made my black squares 4 ½” because I had a square ruler that size.  Due to rheumatoid arthritis I found it hard to cut with an exacto knife and went back to scissors.  I am not sure if this adaptation affected my creativity.  I also did them in different short intervals, working on one when I had a few minutes.  (I had pre-cut out the black squares to be at the ready.)  I felt my attempts were feeble compared to those of some other members, and the ones in your book.

I was bored doing the basic expanded square.  I made two, one with pieces cut from the outside, and one with the pieces cut out from within the square.  I found both pretty unsatisfying.  I then broke the rules and tried cutting from the center and not worrying about forming a square-----instead re-arranging the pieces.  I purposely used wavy rather than straight lines, and I found it fun to arrange the pieces.  I liked the last one I did best. I cut from the corners and in the last ones concave curves from corner to corner on a side….much more satisfying. 

I also found that I have lots of personal “rules” and “messages” which keep me from the studio and working, including ones such as I must do all my work before I can create or have fun, that what I do is unimportant, and the fear of making a mistake or not being good enough. Also messages that it is better not to do something than to do it badly.   I got a whole list

I am definitely not worried about success….I like to be successful when it happens and am not afraid to put work I deem “good” out into the universe.

I was happy to do the exercises in small “bites” and enjoyed each cut better than the last.  I am not sure if I will use these for anything, but I could see this as a good exercise to try to get the creative juices flowing.