Susan M.

I had difficulty engaging with this exercise. Though, I loved seeing everyone’s else’s “squares,” especially the red ones, the torn ones, the casually assembled ones. Thank you!

My attempts included cutting up a few pattern samples I’d painted recently and involved breaking some rules – but, not in a big way. So, I’ve been puzzling about why I couldn’t dig a bit deeper with the exploding squares and associated questions. I’m probably more interested in line and mark than compositions with shape as the important element, as it seems to be with the exploding square, though I could have nudged the assignment toward line.

And, regarding rules, one that’s close to the top of my list is to do something that’s good and do it well… or, don’t do it at all. Right? I’m wondering how often I have to bump into that one. Repeatedly, I expect. While I was resisting the exploding square, I was also reading about the painter Cy Twombly, admiring his work, and the way he seemed to make the process the central event, the main drama. A Twombly-esque drawing is posted here, scribbles, minimal thinking, enjoying my hand in contact with a surface.

Reflecting on the first two lessons, I’m reminded that I love flat, simple surfaces – ironed surfaces – and seem to be energized by line and mark.