Donna W. - Part Two

Within a day of making peace with the idea that I wouldn’t have time to complete the Week 2 assignment, voila! I magically found an hour to execute my expanded square. Funny how that happens. When the pressure is off, my universe tends to open up.

Once I found this magical hour, I decided not to jam it all up by attempting to compete with the amazing expanded squares I saw posted in Open Studio, which I found quite intimidating. My expanded square is not complex or artistic or particularly beautiful; it just is, and sometimes, that has to be good enough. As I was executing the square, I wasn’t thinking about being creative or going deeper or breaking rules and being a rebel. Instead, I was thinking about the arc of my life, and how as I’ve gotten older, I’ve edited bits and pieces of it, reimagining its shape and pruning off some rough edges, much as I was cutting away the black areas of the square to reveal the white areas. In the long run, in both my life and with my expanded square, I recognize that it takes both the positive and the negative to reveal the beauty of the whole.