Sue K.

Time to Release the Inner Rebel

...and none too soon. Life was calling me to do 20 other things, but what I really want to was make something. So emboldened by this week’s essay, I gave myself permission. 

There are three photos below, from several attempts at expanded boxes. First with paper and scissors. I didn’t have any black paper, and I’ve been trying to use what I have on hand, so I did that. I honored the rebel from the get-go. 

The second one was a series of boxes within boxes, made using a vector drawing program. I like this as a potential design for a small art quilt.


The third shows two attempts at rendering in cloth. The image on the left was made following the rules. The one on the right isn’t. Instead of flipping the cutouts, I simply rotated them 180 degrees. I also cut across the center line - so what?!  Maybe next time I’ll cut off the corners!