Lesson Two - Robin F.

About The Rebel

Before it (the rebel) was named I always wanted to be outside the box, especially when I was being creative. Change the colour, change the pattern, make it my own. 

The rebel in me is a very positive force in my artwork. As I have been reading the essay for this week, it comes to mind that she has always been there, sitting on my shoulder saying try this, try that and/or why are you doingit that way. I like breaking the rules when I am making things, if it doesn’t work oh well, but if it does work you have a eureka moment and have discovered something new. Lots of fun. 

There are lots of rules as a quilt maker, cut straight, 1/4” seam, don’t cut off the points. The quilt police are alive & well living in all of us. We have to learn to quiet those voices & bring out that positive rebel. 

I am not a huge fan of poetry, mostly because I usually don’t understand it, but the first two poems have been wonderful. Also thanks Jane for giving me permission to leave the dishes in the sink, I like that too.