Lesson Two Pt. 2 - Janis D.

The Rebel In Me

Being rebellious has never been a problem for me…well, that depends on how you look at it. Rebel is my middle name and has defined my life. Or, you could say, I’ve never done anything right and I’ve landed in trouble as a rule. 

I pretty much let nothing interfere with my studio time except emergencies.  And we have no real house rules, so I work pretty much all the time.  But because I get bored with doing one thing, I’m usually working on 3 or 4 pieces at a time and work in various mediums: art quilts, deconstructive screen prints, botanical printing, lino block carving and printing and so on.

Ordinarily in my art, I don’t think much about what I’m doing; I work fairly intuitively.  Not without research or sometimes drawing out some of the imagery first.  But that may also get set aside as I follow my muse in a different direction.

 I’ve been trying to be more thoughtful and more intentional in my art.  

…..as I sit here writing this, I am just realizing that once again, this is yet another way this rebel in me has been sabotaging myself.