Lesson Two - Eva C.

i have to admit to cheating here …. my plastered wrist makes this exercise very tricky for me, but i have done it before so i went back to earlier results and viewed them through fresh eyes

i know that i struggled with the "waste rule" here - i didn't have much black card and making the first cut was difficult - i prepared a few squares but only felt free to cut after i had drawn the shapes to be cut - once that step had been taken i was off … very soon moving into other shapes - no problem with discarding the "square rule" once i felt i had got the hang of it

this is the norm for me, i do it by the rules (more or less) the first time and then try it my way or a different way - i don't like doing repetition and practice but know that i should do them more - but i have returned to this exercise more than once

i love the simplicity of having a solid, flat block and turning it into a bigger, lighter, textured, dimensional structure - i enjoy cutting into the initial shapes to create reflections which nibble away the solidity of the black/white contrast - dividing the negative & positive spaces as many times as i can

i see myself using these for print as blocks and/or screens (inspired by Committed to Cloth) but have yet to put that into action - one of my big blocks is putting plans and ideas into action ….. but that's for another time, today is for rules and rebelling

i thought for a moment i spotted a pattern about which rules i ignore or abide by but it slipped away - but it's generally about how useful they are to me at the time, with little thought for the long term …. or is it? i'm off to ponder that in more detail now