Lesson Two - Jackie K.

I had not done exactly this exercise before but thinking as I tried it out was interesting. I realise that I have always had a bit of a rebel behaviour in classes - even v early in my Patchwork days I took a technique in a class in a different direction not just producing the ' standard' piece. So thinking outside the box for a technique has not been my issue and my images here show using 2 colours otgether when I cut and mixing them up.

And we don't have many house rules re being tidy etc. 

I have always found time to do bits and pieces of stitch and craft but the internal 'rule' I have battled with is personal sense of responsibility to others. I suspect I have always put my families needs - children; elderly parents before my own. For many years that has been fine, but as I have wanted - or needed!- to get more actively creative, being able to find THINKING time where I am not interrupted (and not too tired) has been a challenge.

So the rule my rebel needs to break is putting others first all the time. I have been working on it for a while and this course will take me further.