Lesson Two - Pam L.

Learning to Connect Positively With My Inner Rebel

     This week's essay regarding the rebel within each of us truly resonated with me. I have a very healthy rebel. Indeed, usually it tells me to do the opposite of what others ask or expect of me. I can still hear by Dad telling me, as a child, with a great deal of exasperation, "If I said something was white, you would say it was black."  I am always looking for the opposing view when someone is telling me about something. It seems as though most people only want to hear people's opinions who mirror their own. Not me. I like to get excited and passionate about what is being discussed. It's a process for me - it's how I refine an opinion or on occasion give it up altogether. I truly do want to understand why other people feel the way they do. Sadly, I also use my inner rebel as an excuse not to perform/not to create, especially when I receive encouragement. It's hard work to do otherwise. To create something takes imagination and persistence to stick with your idea until it comes to its natural conclusion. A good result, indeed likely the best result, usually comes only after lots of practice and experimenting. All of these thoughts swirled through my brain as I worked with this week's Notan design project.  I'm sure I've heard of it before and certainly have seen examples of it, but this was the first time that I actually made a design, trying to follow the rules. I learned about the process as I experimented. Many more ideas came to my head as I cut the designs out and attempted to paste them correctly to my sheet of paper. Sometimes I glued a piece down incorrectly and didn't realize it until I needed to glue down the next one and it didn't fit correctly. This was a fun exercise. I ended up 'going with the flow' and incorporating my errors into my design. Thanks for the fun exercise this week and the thought-provoking essay on how to use our inner rebel.