Lynda C.

This was another hard week, but writing is getting easier.  I found it much simpler when I realized it wasn't about design but how we approached it.

As to the exercise I have the book Creative Strength Training and in the past got as far as getting the black paper and cutting the squares and then stopped.  I have done this more than once!

This time I decided I HAD to do it and with great trepidation

I took just a couple of straight lines and then worked with them.  Once I had eliminated a lot of "stuff". i.e. circles, flowers, faces, images etc. it became manageable. It wasn't even about following or not following the rules, it was just about completing something.  I finally just jumped in.

I haven't figured out who all the voices or committee members are yet, but I don't think it really matters at this point.  I am just doing something!

I am going to focus on the process not the final outcome.  That is my mantra for this week.  If I can come up with the committee members good, but I am not going to dwell on them, instead work forward.  But I will keep writing.

Reorganizing my studio space today!