Anita M.

breaking the rules

I have finally managed to finish week 2

I have never come across expanded squares and wasn’t quite sure what to expect just reading about it.

I made 2 squares following the rules..

Then I made one not following the rules.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 12.02.19 PM.png

I didn’t follow the rules so much, that I had no plan or any idea of the finished piece. I just kept cutting and breaking down each bit. 

It was an interesting exercise, but I did end up thinking why was this a good way to break rules, there weren’t any consequences for doing it either way.

It was strange that breaking the rules fell on week when I wasn’t well and most of my rules were impossible to implement.

So how did I find not carrying out my rules, which did have consequences…..but not life threatening!

I didn’t feel comfortable about not submitting work on time…but had to except thats how it was.

Of all my other rules the one I found hardest to accept was leaving the washing up after supper. It wasn’t much fun seeing it all pile up…so I did ask the kids for help,….my husband was away working. This broke another self imposed rule that people should notice what needs done … I shouldn’t have to ask…..I can’t say the task was done with a glad heart but it was done.

I also brought takeaways for supper and had to accept if we wanted to eat that’s what it would have to be.

So by default lots of my self imposed rules were broken….which has made me assess does everything I do really need to be done every day and with such intensity?