Joyce G.

          I experienced some degree of difficulty understanding the Notan process. I turned to YouTube and found several posts and feeling much more confident started one of the two in the black and white. I have to admit my work felt boring to me and decided to change it up by adding color like a Jean Miro colorful painting. I liked the results. I can be a rebel at my age. Having grown up as a middle child of three with an older brother who was difficult and young sister who pushed all the boundaries. I took on the responsibility of an adult at the young age of eight in 1957 when our 39-year old mother died of breast cancer and our Swedish-Norwegian immigrant father had the thankless task of raising three children under the age of ten. Therefore I was the 'good helpful child'. I decided a few years ago that I could re-invent myself and rebel as much as I needed! This is why I explored the colorful Jean Miro and loved this little bit of rebellion!